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Absentee Ownership

December 9, 2019

Absentee Ownership

Absentee ownership of a business . . . sounds intriguing, right? So what do we mean by an absentee, or semi-absentee business? This type of franchise is a business concept that can be run simultaneously with another venture – meaning alongside your career, or another business. We are NOT talking about partial business ownership here. Instead, an absentee ownership franchise will require the same amount of capital, research and investment as a full-time franchise. But
starting a business
While people often dream about owning a business, they quickly turn to reasons why it’s an insane idea! I mean sure, we all want to work for ourselves, depend on ourselves and have some flexibility in our lives. But then we think about the risks and decide that we just wouldn’t want to put ourselves through the process. What if you could minimize the risks? Is that possible? Can you do enough research and minimize
things to do
This first article is not about making a career change but rather a reflection on our lives in general. The article comes from marc & angel Hack Life – one of my favorite sites. The title is: 10 Little Things You Should Start Making Time for Again. The article reminded me of a couple of things I’ve stopped doing – I don’t know why, but I assume work just “got in the way.” This article

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